Success Stories

''I'm writing to thank you for all  the help that you gave to my husband and I. We both learned a lot from you and we are very appreciative of the work you did with us. Your honest and supportive counselling has given us the strength to continue in our marriage. We remember the things you have told us and use these to help us through tricky situations. ''


''I initially came to see Chris with my partner to seek help dealing with our relationship problems (we had more or less split up), however after just one consultation, it was quite clear that the problems we were experiencing were fundamentally within ourselves.
I was so impressed from that first session with Chris’s insightfulness and his ability to really hit the nail straight on the head that I embarked on a series of one-to-one counselling sessions with Chris over a six-month period. These pretty soon ended up taking a completely different turn from my initial consultation and focussed right in on my various patterns of behaviour and developing new coping strategies to help alleviate the debilitating impact of low self-esteem, impaired confidence and a panic attack disorder.
I cannot praise Chris highly enough as I really do feel that he got right to the root of my problems quickly. After just six-months of counselling I felt that I had a far deeper insight into myself and was aware of my various patterns of behaviour and why they had developed. As a result of my new awareness I was able to work with Chris on coping mechanisms to deal with these.
Two years’ on and I am still with the same partner! We still have our ups and downs, however we are much better equipped to deal each other’s idiosyncrasies and now that I am much more secure within my own skin, our disagreements do not have the same negative impact as that they used to. I really do feel that I have the ability deal with life’s blows far better than I ever was before. I have dealt with my mother’s sudden death without falling apart, managed to get a much better job (and a pay rise!), have started public speaking, become much more organised, I now rarely suffer from the debilitating depression and self-esteem problems that I used to and I really feel that life is beginning to open up for me. In fact when I look back at the “old” me, I hardly recognise myself. I just wish I hadn’t left it until I was in my mid-forties to do this!''


''My therapy experience has changed my life in many ways. It has enabled me to know more about myself and understand how to receive and manage feelings from the ones who care and love me. I was a therapy cynic and only decided to visit Chris when my wife persuaded me to do so. Through Chris's talent (lost for better words) he enabled me to understand where I am and how I got here through my life experiences. If I was to score Chris out of 10 it would be a 10+ and once again I owe him for making me a better person.'' 


''Thank you Chris for all the good advice and wisdom that you have given us this year. With your help we are both going through a journey of discovery and enjoying the ride to a more fulfilling future. ''  


''Chris is an excellent, experienced and professional counsellor.
Chris’s empathetic, non-judgemental and supportive style allowed me to talk through how best to make simple positive changes to my relationships. 
Above all, he allowed me the psychological air to come to terms with some challenging events in my life, allowing for a different perspective. 
Importantly, I now have developed a sense of awareness as to the things that truly matter to me.
Chris helped me to move on and make changes in my life to put me back in control.
I couldn’t recommend Chris highly enough.'' 


''We both thank you so very much for helping us. If it wasn't for you I can honestly say that we wouldn't be together today. It's like a completely new relationship. Thank you again. Absolute pleasure meeting you.''


''When I first went to Chris my marriage was on the verge of breaking down. I couldn’t get my husband to agree to come with me so I went on my own. It proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Chris made me realise that my husbands’ behaviour was because he felt undervalued and his self-esteem was low. 
Chris suggested different ways I could change my behaviour in response to my husband’s challenges and provocation. I listened more carefully to what my husband was saying; I began to read between the lines and changed my usual pattern of behaviour. On Chris’s weekly advice I walked away from conflict, became more tactile and more loving. 
Two months into therapy I discovered my husband had recently started an affair. When confronted with the decision to end his marriage and leave me for another woman my husband chose to stay with me.
The eight weeks of taking Chris’s advice and putting it into practice paid off. Also seeing Chris during this time helped me deal with my emotions over the affair. 
A few months down the line and we’re both very happy. My husband admits he wasn’t interested in saving our marriage before because of all the arguing and fighting that was going on between us.
His affair, he said, was in direct response to feeling very unwanted in the house. My changes in behaviour however showed my husband that he was very much loved, so much so that he decided to save our marriage of 25 years instead of walking out. 
I know with certainty that if I hadn’t been having marriage counselling sessions with Chris, even without my husband, I would be separated now.
Instead I now have a husband who feels loved and secure and because of that he too has become much more loving and giving.
Hopefully I won’t be seeing Chris again – and I mean that in the nicest possible way! ''


 '' I was going to book another session with you then realised I don't really have any more issues that I need sorting out at the moment. We are going from strength to strength and hopefully putting all our troubles behind us, not to be forgotten though as a little reminder of how hard life would have been if we had parted does us good.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your words of wisdom and help. I honestly think that without you we would be looking at divorce by now. I hope you don't mind if I keep your number just in case we need you again. ''


'' I thought my marriage was almost but over until I met Chris who made me very at ease with a lovely chilled surrounding. He listened to me going on and about how hard done by I was, and without judgement he broke it down for me and then gave me the tools I needed to rebuild my relationship.
I’m sorry it’s come to an end now but I’m now ready to carry on. Me and my wife are very happy and in love with each other again thanks to Chris. I think there would be a lot less divorces if they came to him first. ''


'' Things between us have continued to move forward. I wanted to thank you for enabling us to achieve this and indeed for getting us out the crisis point we had reached.
I am very grateful for your time and patience and feel the tools you provided us with are extremely useful. We remain focused on keeping our relationship together and are putting into practice a lot of what you taught us. ''


'' I found my sessions with Chris extremely helpful. The atmosphere was relaxed and I felt Chris had a true understanding of me and his insight helped me enormously to work towards resolving my issues. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation. "


'' After six years of a troubled relationship, my partner and I, as a last resort, decided to seek help.
We found Chris online and, within weeks, our relationship turned around.
They say, right answers come from right questions. By asking the right questions, Chris certainly knows how to spot the problematic areas in a couple and help solve them. We would highly recommend Chris as a couples counsellor. ''


'' Chris had a very kind and empathic approach. He's incredibly easy to talk to and non-judgemental. My own experience of therapy has lead me through many ups and downs and I have always felt Chris to be supportive and compassionate, helping and guiding me through difficulties. Without doubt it has been a truly worthwhile and life changing experience. For that I am incredibly grateful to Chris and can't recommend him highly enough! ''


'' Seeing you made us realise just how important it is to talk and be a rock to one another. We found talking with you each week made us realise things we didn’t even notice at home. We wouldn’t be together today I’m sure without the counselling and it was the best decision to give it a try. ''


'' After 20 years of marriage we found ourselves in marital difficulties that left us at the edge of separating. Giving our relationship 'one last shot' we finally agreed between us to go to counselling.
It was very important to find a counsellor that we were both willing to attend. After carefully searching the internet, we came across Chris Bristow. His credentials, along with his welcoming picture and comprehensive website made him a choice of counsellor that we were both comfortable with.
We visited his private building for a series of his recommended six counselling sessions.
This time and money is the best investment we have ever made!
Chris quickly put us both at ease and homed in on our situation by asking the right questions.
After each session we went away with new insights and 'tools in our tool box' to use to deal with issues as they arose. 
It is important to have an open mind about solutions to a problem and he gave good ideas, addressing us equally, to try to find the right answers within ourselves.
Our problem had been communication issues which had caused us to lose our way.
Chris has helped us find new methods and opened our thoughts to relating to each other which in turn has led to a more harmonious and loving relationship. We would highly recommend Chris as a counsellor. ''


'' Thank you so much for all your help and support. You’ve helped me tremendously to understand that I have value in my own right. You’ve also helped me to deal successfully with some very deep rooted personal issues. You have given me some really useful tools which have helped me to make changes in my life. You really know your stuff! ''


 '' I have found Chris's approach to be extremely sympathetic and understanding in helping me to move forward from a particularly difficult relationship. During the sessions with Chris I was able to develop a deeper understanding of both myself and many of the issues which had been causing me difficulty. ''


'' I thought you may appreciate some pictures of our wedding; don't think we would have made it without you. ''