Chris Bristow - relationship
counsellor and sex therapist 

Hi, I'm Chris Bristow, a qualified and highly experienced Relate-trained relationship counsellor and sex therapist who offers professional skilled help and support to individuals and couples of any orientation facing difficulty, transition or crisis.

I have a long and successful track record of helping people to gain clarity and become more empowered to tackle core issues that may be hampering progress in life. * Select Success stories from menu bar (left) 

I am committed to respecting your individuality and therefore your right to choose how you might progress, either individually or in partnership, towards a more fulfilling, enjoyable future.
As a trained listener I offer a sensitive, impartial and non-judgemental approach and I am down-to-earth, good humoured, broad-minded, reliable, and, at £45 per hourly session for an individual and £50 for a couple, affordable!

My availability and counselling style is highly flexible and I operate from private comfortable therapy rooms in the village of Sandridge, near St Albans with free off-street parking.

I am bound by the ethical codes of, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, Experienced Counsellors Network and Couples Counselling Network.

If you answer YES to any of the following then Chris Bristow can help.

  • Are you feeling burnt-out by living life in the fast lane? 
  • Is communication with your partner strained or restricted to routine 'safe' subjects only?
  • Do more criticisms come your way than compliments?
  • Does your partner shut down or go cold on you, or flare up and display 'hot' anger too often for comfort?
  • Do you say what you think your partner wants to hear for the sake of a quiet life?
  • Are your requests for help and support dismissed as nagging?
  • Does your partner make all the right noises but brushes things under the carpet and rarely actually fulfills a promise?
  • Are you worn out by your partner's delaying tactics or are you constantly feeling undermined and undervalued?
  • Do you row frequently, or do arguments between you ever get out of hand?
  • Do you store up resentments and use them as ammunition in a row?
  • Do you ever feel controlled by your partner - over what you can wear, spend or who you can see?
  • Does your relationship feel it may be heading towards break up and you're feeling helpless about how to turn things around?
  • If your partner wants more commitment from you does it feel like you're finding fault with them and considering whether it's time to move on?
  • Do you keep going from one unsatisfactory relationship to another but can't work out why?
  • Do your relationships always follow the same destructive pattern?
  • Has trust been shattered by infidelity or covert use of pornography?
  • Have you been unfaithful and you're not being understood or forgiven?
  • Are you suffering from the aftermath of an affair?
  • Are you obsessing about your partner's movements, past or present?
  • Does your life feel overwhelmed by feelings of jealousy, lack of confidence or self-belief?
  • Are you drained out by coping with all the pressure of meeting others' needs?
  • Has your sex life lost its sparkle or frequency rate?
  • Is a specific sexual problem making you or your partner anxious?
  • Are you finding that viewing pornography is taking up too much of your time?
  • Are you engaging in high-risk sexual behaviour or fighting temptation to do so?
  • Do you download sexually explicit images to view later?